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Baka Ecological is a privately owned residential community, driven by a commitment to safeguarding and enhancing our local natural environment.

Our aim is to cultivate a serene living environment for individuals who cherish nature and recognise the importance of conservation. Picture residing in a community where logging and plastic usage are strictly prohibited, fostering a sustainable way of life.

The name Baka, is a local name for Lagoon in Akan. Our property size is 10 hectares. Out of the 10 only 5 hectares will be developed, the rest is for growing trees and other ornamental plants.

Our site is located at the outskirt of Mumford on the Dago road. GPS coordinates 5.2550758, -0.7706627


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To be a leading model of sustainable living, where the harmony between nature and human habitation is preserved and celebrated, creating a sanctuary for individuals who value the environment and strive for a greener future.

Our Mission

To cultivate a serene and eco-friendly residential community that strictly prohibits logging and plastic usage, dedicated to enhancing and safeguarding our local natural environment. By developing only half of our land and preserving the rest for trees and ornamental plants, we aim to foster a sustainable way of life, inspiring residents and visitors to embrace conservation and cherish nature.

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Enjoy a fulfilled life, connected with nature.

Sustainable Living

Plants are pivotal in fostering sustainability within ecosystems. They supply essential nutrients to all life forms, either directly or indirectly. Through the process of photosynthesis, they contribute to ecosystem equilibrium by releasing oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide, thereby enhancing air quality. Additionally, plants offer crucial shelter to various organisms and play a pivotal role in preventing soil erosion.


Building upon these principles, a commitment to establishing a 100% green area not only reinforces the aforementioned benefits but also serves as a multifaceted assets:

Wind Mitigation

The dense foliage of greenery acts as a natural barrier, mitigating the impact of strong winds and reducing the risk of soil erosion, safeguarding the landscape's integrity.

Shade Provision

The expansive canopy of trees and foliage provides ample shade, offering respite from the sun's intensity. This not only enhances outdoor comfort but also aids in regulating ambient temperatures, fostering a cooler microclimate.

Biodiversity Enhancement

By creating a rich tapestry of green spaces, a diverse array of wildlife is attracted, enriching the ecosystem's biodiversity and promoting ecological resilience.

Community Cohesion

Green areas serve as communal gathering spots, fostering social interaction, recreational activities, and a sense of belonging among residents, thereby strengthening community ties.

Mental Well-being

Access to verdant surroundings has been linked to reduced stress levels and enhanced mental well-being. Green spaces provide tranquil retreats where individuals can unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature's embrace.

Economic Value

Well-maintained green spaces enhance the aesthetic appeal of residential areas, thereby increasing property values and contributing to overall neighborhood desirability.

Water Management

Vegetation aids in managing water resources by absorbing excess rainfall, mitigating the risk of flooding, and replenishing groundwater reserves.


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