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A Preserved Space for your home

Privately-Owned Residential Community

Driven by a commitment to safeguard and enhance our local natural environment.

Our aim is to cultivate a serene living environment for individuals who cherish nature and recognise the importance of conservation.


Cultivating Serene Living From Mumford, Central Region, GH


Acres of land


Acres to be developed


Acres for Ecology


Recreational Area, Shopping Center & Pharmacy


Offering Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Why Make Here Your Home?

Serene Coastal Setting

Enjoy the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore as you relax in our resort, bordered by the sparkling ocean to the south and a tranquil lagoon to the east.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Immerse yourself in nature while staying in our thoughtfully designed eco-friendly accommodations, each crafted to minimize environmental impact without compromising on comfort or style.

Customized Living Experience

Choose from three distinct building designs – a cozy 1-bedroom house, a spacious 2-bedroom house, or a luxurious 4-bedroom house – and make Baka Beach Eco Village your home away from home.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Baka Eco Village, we're dedicated to preserving the environment through sustainable practices, including renewable energy, water conservation, and responsible waste management.


Starting from $139,252.00 with 2 Years Payment Plan

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Your Questions Answered: Find Helpful Information and Quick Solutions


Yes, you can rent the property.

Once a desired lot is selected, kindly contact FNP to make an offer of purchase. Homes can be paid for in full or financed upon approval from FNP.

You can make changes to the three building designs but they must be approved by FNP development to ensure a cohesive look with the rest of the development. All costs associated with design changes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Options to pay over time are available with a down payment of at least $45,000 USD. Management will approve payment plans.

Baka Beach Eco Village is built with great consideration for the environment, offering eco-friendly building methods, energy efficient lighting, and no single use plastic among other things.

Plot sizes vary but you will find they are larger than most beachside developments, 668-913 square meters. Each plot is also buffered by a greenspace to create additional privacy.

The pristine resort is located near Apam between Winneba and Cape Coast, it is situated on a picturesque beach and next to a natural lagoon.

Yes. The creation of a management association will assist in managing properties and maintaining the high quality sustainable living experience.

Purchase price includes construction of home and 25 year minimum lease of land plot. 

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Value of smart living in complex

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Starting from $139,252.00


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